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Uplifting women in more ways than one

I had a great lunch break today practicing yoga and leading meditation with the Women’s Empowerment Network at Chalmette Refining-PBF Energy.

Thanks for the invitation Elizabeth Ellison Frost. Elizabeth and I met as part of Women United, which is a committee of the United Way of Sourheast Louisiana.

When I joined WU, Elizabeth was the chair. Little did I know that I too would serve as chair; starting my term just last month.

With Women United, members basically pool our contributions and direct them to programs that support and uplift women and children in southeast Louisiana. Programs focused on literacy, domestic violence, pay equity, health and wellness, and more.

There's so many ways to uplift women. By giving to programs that benefit them, by dedicating your time and talent, and even by taking a quick lunch break to focus on personal health and wellness in this very busy work world.

BTW: If you want to do some good in the community, I strongly recommend giving to United Way and designating your contributions for Women United.

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