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What is yoga to you?

In case you missed the update, we’ve had limited studio availability due to a sewerage issue that has now been resolved. I like to think on the bright side, so I see this not as a hurdle, but rather an “opportunity” to get a new sewer system and floors in the studio :) And while we are at it, new steps and a storage closet. What the hay, right?

Anyway, as I sat on the deck today, I participated in an accessible yoga workshop. The instructor asked “what is yoga to you?”

So many times when I tell people that we have a studio, they immediately say “I’m not flexible” or “My body can’t do that.”

It’s so unfortunate that the thing people immediately think about are the poses. Yoga is so much more than just the asana.

For me, it’s being fully aware of what’s happening in my mind, body and spirit. Just taking time to step away from the hussle and bussle to “check in“ with myself. Using all my senses just to “notice” what’s going on in and around me.

The focus of the workshop was understanding how to modify poses for every body. That’s my thing. Making yoga accessible to “every body.”

I just hope that we get to a place where people can see the benefits and not the self imposed limitations of what they think yoga is supposed to be. It really is whatever you need it to be for you.

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