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Is this a mid-life crisis?

This past summer Alan and I had a taste of the empty nest. The twins were in their own place. Adam was in school in Georgia. And Vyvian and the baby were in Texas with her mom for the summer. We woke up one Saturday and said "let's go to yoga." We had not been in a while.

The studio we would normally attend was in Algiers Point. I absolutely loved it. It was small and comfortable. Not threatening or intimidating like other studios we had visited.

As we set our mats the owner mentioned something about closing in July, but of course she was just talking about vacation, right? No. She was selling this little piece of heaven and moving on to the next adventure. We looked at each other and thought "crap." We love this place.

I won't make this a long story, but Alan and I (both 50-somethings, completely averse to risk) decided that day to take a leap of faith. We put in an offer and put our beautiful home in Algiers --- where we raised our 3 boys --- on the market.

Day 1, 4 offers (1 all cash). Gee, maybe this is going to happen. The owners of the studio accepted our offer. Is this really going to happen?

It was a long summer as we waited for the move. And not only was it long, it was painful.

We lost our pastor in an unbelievably freak accident (he was just 49). Next was my sister's fiancee (he was just 53). Then as the summer progressed it became clear that my aging father was entering the end of his days with us. Tomorrow is promised to no one.

Through all this loss and pain we realized that the studio was our little opportunity to not just survive, but thrive. To live, and help others live --- past the grief, stress and anxiety --- to find rest. Sweet rest.

To use this little space to uplift (revive, restore, elevate and inspire) others.

Peace be with you.

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